Multichannel MRI console for parallel imaging

ITA has been established in 2006, as a spin off of the University of L'Aquila, to set up niche products in the field of magnetic resonance imaging. The company has worked mainly in the field of applied research in projects financed by the EU community and by the Italian Minister of Education. In this context it has developed hardware and software for MRI.
The activity of the company has been along the following lines:
  • Development a multi-channel MRI transmitter/receiver that can support up to 32 channels receiving coils and up to 16 independent transmitters.
  • Development of the MRI side of a hybrid apparatus for the simultaneous observation of magneto-encephalography (MEG) and low frequency MRI.
  • Development of surface scanner for the stratigraphic observation of the skin.
  • In support to high field MRI system the company has developed a specialised animal cage that allows the simultaneous MRI observation of 8 mice in hybrid PET-MRI scanners.
  • The first proprietary product is PETSCAN, a MRI scanner devoted to veterinary, which is in phase of prototyping.

The company operates in the Industrial Area of Pile, SS 17 L'Aquila, Italy. Most of the components that compose the scanner are built in the same area.
The system uses a magnet geometry that reduces the cost of magnet and cryogenic techniques for the receiving coils. This allows to achieve the sensitivity of MRI units operated at much higher field. It is assembled using components designed by ITA and built by external firms under ITA supervision. For the Italian market ITA will setup, a service of long term rental in which the user will not buy the apparatus but just pay a percentage of the analysis revenues whose amount will depend on their number.
The company has gained experience in:

  • MRI Magnet design and optimization
  • RF coil design an testing
  • Gradient coil design and testing
  • MRI sequence design
  • Audio and RF power amplifier design and testing